Econergy Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps


It's hard to comprehend, but up to 50% of your monthly energy bill is for water heating via your hot water cylinder. We all like a strong hot shower or a soak in the bath... until the power bill arrives. And with growing demand, electricity and gas are becoming more and more expensive.

Installing an Econergy to your new or existing hot water cylinder can be the single biggest step toward slashing your power bill.

The Econergy Heat Pump Water Heater delivers the highest seasonal efficiency of any water heater available*. And don't just take our word for it - the Econergy has been rated number one in Consumer Magazine's heat pump water heater test. Econergy is being recognized as one of the best water heating options for your home, even better than gas or solar water heating.

Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand, Econergy exclusively offer a 6 year performance guarantee on their water heaters.