Frequently Asked Questions


There are many misconceptions regarding Heatpumps, please see below for the answers to some of the questions we are asked regularly by customers. We welcome customers who ask questions as we want you to thoroughly understand the services we offer.

Common Heatpump Questions

  • What size heat pump do I need?

    Modern inverter heat pumps are extremely efficient. This is due to their ability to increase or decrease their output depending on the level of demand. The outdoor ambient temperature and the required indoor temperature will determine how hard your heat pump needs to work. This is why sizing your heat pump correctly is the most important part of the entire process. When sizing your heat pump we need to add a number of things into the equation to make sure we get it right.
    How big is the area you would like to heat and cool?
    What Insulation is in the walls, ceilings and floor?
    Is the area North or South facing?
    Number and type of windows the size of the windows and window coverings?
    How many walls in the area are internal or external?

    These are some of the things that have to be considered when correctly sizing your new heat pump.

    If the heat pump is incorrectly sized it will not work correctly to heat or cool your room and will cost you a lot more money than it should to run the appliance. It is very important to be sure your installer has selected a correctly sized unit.

    AHC are experts in sizing and choosing the correct unit for your requirements, we never get it wrong.

  • What is the best heat pump brand?

    The team at Fujitsu General spend all their time building and developing heat pump air conditioners for residential and commercial applications because all they do is heat pump air conditioners. Fujitsu have the longest and most comprehensive warranty for parts and labour insuring when you buy a Fujitsu heat pump you are going to be looked after. Fujitsu heat pumps have the most energy star qualified heat pumps across their full range than any other heat pump brand. Fujitsu heat pumps are aesthetically pleasing very compact and so quiet you forget they are there.
    Fujitsu are heat pump specialists leading the way with innovation and dedication.

    AHC are proud to be a part of the Fujitsu family.

  • How much will it cost to buy and install a heat pump?

    Every house is different and will require a unique solution. The cost will depend on the size of the unit and how easy it is to install. A 3kw Hi wall inverter single split system, suitable for a bedroom will cost from $2000 to $2500 including installation. Large areas or areas that have poor or no insulation will need from 5kw through to 10kw and would start at $2850 including installation and increase up to $4000 including installation.

    AHC can visit for a full consultation to ensure you get the right package for your situation.

  • What is the "star rated" figure?

    Inverter heat pumps will increase and decrease their output depending upon the load they are given.

    The star rated figure is the point at which the unit is running at its most efficient. This is where you want your heat pump to sit while it is working. The efficiency of the heat pump drops as the running speed increases which will occur when you first turn on the heat pump to heat a room from cold. The heat pump when sized correctly will work hard for a very short time and then settle back in to the star rated running speed. If the unit is under sized it will work harder for longer to reach the required temperature before it can settle back into its comfort zone. The same will apply if you have a poorly insulated home, the heat will escape very quickly meaning the heat pump is constantly working.