Radiator Heating & Installations

Cat enjoying radiator heating

On-demand Heating With Radiators

Radiator heating provides excellent on-demand heat, with each room having its own temperature control – ideal when staff in different office each has a different preference for workspace temperature. They are an especially good solution in homes, businesses and classrooms. Heated towel rails can be added to this system.

Radiators Provide Cost Effective Heating

Radiators are generally 30% cheaper to run than underfloor heating.

How Radiators Work

While they work in a similar way to underfloor heating systems - where air passes over water - the delivery method changes. The water is heated by the heat source then pumped around a ring main to the radiators where the heat is dispersed into the room. The water then returns to the heat source to be reheated.

A Range of Radiator Designs

Radiators are suited to new building projects and also existing buildings. They are available in a range of designs and colours to suit the décor.

Radiator Installations

At AHC Air, we are also able to come and install your radiator heater into your home.

For a cost-effective heating solution or for any installation questions, contact Michael today.