E3 Classic Series

E3 Classic Series
The e3 series is NZ’s most advanced heat pump system. The e3 thermodynamic system delivers better efficiency as well as significantly improved environmental benefits over previous heat pump systems. These smart, compact heat pumps can save you much more from your power bill, as well as give you a whole new range of state-of-the-art features.


ASTG09KMCA 2.5KW(C)/3.2KW(H)
ASTG12KMCA 3.5KW(C)/3.7KW(H)
ASTG18KMCA 5.0KW(C)/6.0KW(H)
ASTG22KMCA 6.0KW(C)/7.2KW(H)
ASTG24KMCA 7.1KW(C)/8.0KW(H)
ASTG30KMTA 8.5KW(C)/9.0KW(H)
ASTG34KMTA 9.4KW(C)/10.3KW(H)

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