Econergy Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps


Reduce Your Power Bill

Where a standard hot water cylinder is being used, around one third of the power bill comes from heating water. When AHC installs a hot water heat pump in a home, school, motel or hotel, or commercial building the hot water component of the power bill will reduce by up to 75%. The benefits - both in efficiency and the reduction in power bills - become immediately obvious.

Efficient technology

AHC frequently recommend that clients opt for a preheat pump for domestic hot water. It is an efficient and reliable way of preheating hot water for homes while doubling as underfloor heating. The system offers savings of up to 65% on a household’s hot water bill.
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Econergy Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps

How do Hot Water Heat Pumps Work?

AHC installs a 130 litre preheat cylinder which acts as a buffer tank for underfloor heating. Inside the buffer tank is a coil which the cold water supplies to a standard electric domestic hot water cylinder (supplied by the plumber). Preferably, the pre-heat cylinder would be located next to the electric domestic hot water cylinder where the heating control panel should be also located.

The preheat cylinder will have stored the water at 45˚C, providing excellent underfloor heating. The cold water, approximately 17˚C, will pass through the coil and enter the domestic hot water cylinder at approximately 35˚C, depending on flow rates.
The DHW produced will be at the same efficiency or COP of Heat Pump i.e. 300% (3-1).