Tahatai Coast School Underfloor Heating System

Tahatai Coast School Underfloor Heating System

AHC were approached to design and build a heating system for the new classroom block at Tahatai Coast School. The system needed to heat 24 classrooms over 2 storeys, a total of 2000 square meters.

The system needed to use minimal power because a transformer upgrade was outside the project budget. With this in mind we designed an under floor heating system using a natural gas boiler as the heat source.

The Under Floor heating system consists of 6000m of in floor piping . The pipe was laid in four stages to work around the build schedule. The system is controlled by four control panels which have 56 zones between them and each of the 24 classrooms has an Electronic thermostat which talks to the control panel to adjust the room temperature.

The system water is heated by a 120kw natural gas boiler controlled by the systems main time clock. The boiler is complete with expansion vessels and a dosing pot which is essential to keep the system water clean and corrosion free.

With the project now complete the children can enjoy their winter months of learning in an environment where the radiant heat rises from the floor evenly and efficiently heating the entire classroom without noise or air movement.